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NHS Supply Chain welcomes its partnership with HCSA Corporate Partners

NHS Supply Chain is delighted to be a HCSA Corporate Partner and looks forward to continuing to work with the HCSA and its members to ensure the NHS runs as efficiently and effectively as possible for its patients. NHS Supply Chain was designed to help the NHS deliver clinically assured, quality products at the best value, through a range of specialist buying functions. Its aim is to leverage the buying power of the NHS to negotiate the best deals from suppliers and deliver savings of £2.4 billion back into NHS frontline services by the end of the financial year 2022/23. It is important that we work together to ensure

  • Savings are delivered back into the NHS and frontline services
  • There is greater NHS clinical involvement in purchasing decision

NHS Supply Chain will continue to develop its relationship with the HCSA and looks forward to sharing its skills and expertise with HCSA members as well as improving its understanding of how best it can provide support to its members.


NHS Supply Chain continues to manage the sourcing, delivery and supply of healthcare products, services and food for NHS trusts and healthcare organisations across England and Wales. For more information visit

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