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Delivering £200m in Savings for NHS Trusts

We first helped the NHS achieve better value from their contracts 25 years ago. We had developed unique and innovative strategies to control and minimise leasing contract costs and quickly became their leading lease advisor.

Over those years we’ve helped more than half of acute trusts find more than £200m in savings across almost every aspect of their contracts and equipment-related spend – from maintenance and asset finance to managed services, asset resale and replacement planning.

The data and experience we’ve accumulated now provides essential insight, which we use to help Trusts deliver CIP, minimise whole-life costs and improve supplier performance.

For more than 25 years, our team has been helping NHS Trusts to plan, procure and manage their contracts and equipment. To date, they’ve delivered over £200m in savings.

The team has all the experience you’ll need to drive savings and improve value. From procurement consultants to tendering experts and data analysts to negotiators, they know exactly where value leaks away and how to stop it.

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