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The highly-anticipated GS1 UK Healthcare Conference will be returning on 17–18 March 2022 to bring you even more valuable insights into the world of GS1 standards in healthcare.

Building on themes of patient safety and digital transformation, our agenda will look at how GS1 standards power traceability in a clinical setting.

Our conference will highlight how GS1 standards are being widely adopted across the UK to improve patient safetyreduce unwarranted clinical variation and drive operational efficiencies in healthcare.

Join us as we delve into the detail around Scan4Safety, share updates The progress following the publication of The Cumberlege Review, debate the future of medical device regulation, and explore the future of digital healthcare.

With more than 10 hours worth of content to keep you engaged across the two days, it will be a year you will not want to miss!

Learn more and register here

Posted in News on Jan 17, 2022

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