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The Atamis ecommerce system is now available for all health family organisations, following funding from Crown Commercial Service (CCS), working in partnership with the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC).

In an email to all heads of procurement, NHS England Chief Commercial Officer Jacqui Rock said: "This is a service which we encourage all trusts and ICBs to adopt. While over ninety health and NHS organisations are already using the Atamis system, and in a wide range of cases they are fully utilising all the Workplan, Procurement, Contract and Supplier management modules, DHSC and NHSE have listened to feedback that cost can be a barrier to adoption by others.

Our NHSE England Atamis support team are onboarding new NHS organisations to the workplan module as a first stage and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have been working with us as part of this early adoption phase. Onboarding of NHS organisations to the workplan module will provide the foundation for broader adoption to the other modules.

Benefits of using Atamis

Following the launch of our new Central Commercial Function (CCF), the rollout of Atamis will provide greater insight into procurement value, business intelligence and visibility of the NHS commercial landscape, which will help us deliver wide-ranging commercial benefits and opportunities.

DHSC and its arm’s length bodies, including NHSE, have already moved from various local systems to Atamis and this has significantly reduced the cost of system ownership for all and is enabling our commercial teams to drive greater commercial effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and resilience.

By bringing all health family organisations together on to one e-commerce system, we will unlock significant benefits for everyone, including:

  • Supporting collaboration and the development of the ICS model of procurement by working on a single system across 42 ICSs.

  • Providing better quality live information for procurement and finance teams to enable data-driven commercial insights, decisions and activities.

  • Reducing administration costs through automated data collection and reporting and by removing the need to train multiple users across different systems.

  • Enabling easier adoption of changes to procurement regulation and policy that can be made once for the whole Atamis system.

  • Making it easier for suppliers, especially SMEs, to do business with us as they will only need to interact with one system.

  • Embedding our sustainability requirements, so that sustainability and procurement teams can access supplier emission data.

  • Improving visibility across the system, which will give the NHS opportunities to leverage its buying power.

  • Increasing transparency and sharing of data to help drive resilience and value for money for patients and the taxpayer.

To sign up and for further information on how Atamis can support you, please visit our CCF Hub on Futures. You are also invited to join one of DHSC’s lunchtime drop-in sessions on Wed 13th or Thurs 21st July.

Date: 11 July

Posted in News on Jul 11, 2022

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