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Researchers at Bristol Business School, UWE and School of Management, University of Bath invite you to take part in a research study exploring ‘New ways-of-working and delivering healthcare in a post-Covid-19 pandemic world’.

During the height of the pandemic, we engaged with the HSCA and other senior healthcare procurement and supply experts to explore how, when faced with incomplete information, time pressures and a host of other challenges, managers made decisions and developed innovative responses to deal with the pandemic. The study was unique in interviewing senior front-line managers during a real-time crisis, rather than relying on retrospective info gathering.

The study uncovered the extraordinary ability of managers and organisations alike to rapidly adapt as the crisis developed, creating innovative ways of working and new collaborative solutions which many managers we interviewed hoped to continue post-Covid-19. Similar sentiments were also expressed at the Westminster Health Forum where together with HSCA, we presented on topics related to “Next Steps for NHS procurement.” The study went on to be published in a 4 journal (4 = world leading) and listed on the WHO’s research database (link to paper).

Now that we are returning to more standard ways of working, we would like to explore whether any of the innovative approaches implemented during the pandemic have been retained, have evolved or whether healthcare organisations have returned to “business and usual” models.

We have successfully secured internal funding from UWE to support this research, and we are looking for experts from the NHS and its supply chain to participate in this research project. Participants would be asked to take part in a 30 – 60-minute research interview over Teams at a convenient time. For further details please see our enclosed Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form.

To get involved or if there are any queries, please get in touch with Dr Helen Sanderson.

Relevant documents:

Participant Information Form

Consent Form

Date: 11 June

Posted in News on Jun 11, 2024

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