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With the move towards integrated care systems (ICS) well in its implementation phase, NHS Trusts need to adapt the way they manage estates and facilities (E&F) to help them navigate their unique challenges.

On Wednesday 17th of November at 3pm, Akeso & Co’s Peter Marshall and Fred Weller discuss the nature of these challenges and how Trusts can build their long-term E&F strategy around the ICS model. During the webinar we will share practical examples of how collaboration as part of an ICS can support both Trusts and the wider system develop more efficient, Estates and Facilities services and support better patient outcomes.

We’ll discuss a number of topics, including:

  • The key E&F issues Trusts are facing, including the pressures generated by the Covid pandemic, the lack of available capital and the shift of services into the community.
  • The benefits of using an ICS model to address E&F challenges, such as economies of scale, larger budgets, and the ability to make use of a diverse range of settings.

Alongside sharing sector insights and knowledge, we will also introduce you to the Akeso E&F dashboard which can be used to monitor how effectively your facilities are being run and to benchmark your Trust against those in other regions. This webinar is designed to give NHS Trust leaders a deeper understanding of the E&F landscape and the opportunities it provides to develop a robust long-term strategy. Once we’ve shared our insights, you will also have the chance to ask our experts about specific issues you are facing in your Trust and ICS.

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Source: Akeso & Co

Posted in News on Nov 16, 2021

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