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On 1 July, another part of developing a new Target Operating Model (TOM) for NHS Supply Chain was completed, as operational responsibility for the existing NHS Supply Chain: Large Diagnostic Capital Equipment Including Mobile and Services tower (Tower 7), transitioned from DHL Life Sciences to NHS Supply Chain.

The following NHS Supply Chain statement accompanied the completion of the transition:

"The evolution of a new TOM began in April 2022 as we formally launched our procurement process for a new category management service along with the transfer of operational responsibility from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

As an organisation, NHS Supply Chain recognises the need to evolve and adapt its model to better meet the needs of the wider NHS and enable it to realise its long-term plans.

A future NHS Supply Chain needs to be more flexible and resilient, easier for our NHS partners to work with us, bring even greater value to the health and care system, excel in procurement, and connect supply chains.

Transitioning Tower 7 across will help provide greater control to connect the activities around the sourcing of products with the needs of clinicians in this complex area. It will also help influence clinical switching decisions on the front line, enable greater alignment with care pathways and provide more opportunities to deliver value to the NHS.

“We have worked very closely with colleagues in DHL Life Sciences throughout the transition process to ensure a seamless continuity of operations," said Andy Windsor, Commercial Director, NHS Supply Chain.

Date: 4 July

Posted in News on Jul 04, 2022

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