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PPN 09/21 was published on 30 November 2021 and is intended to replace PPN 07/21 in providing consolidated guidance on the Contracts Finder publication requirements, as specified in the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (the “PCR 2015”).

The primary purpose of PPN 09/21 is to clarify that NHS Foundation Trusts should follow the same publication value thresholds as central government authorities (ie. £10,000 net of VAT). That means NHS Foundation Trusts need to apply a lower threshold than sub-central contracting authorities and NHS Trusts (ie. £25,000 net of VAT).

However, NHS Foundation Trusts are to apply the same position as NHS Trusts in that NHS Foundation Trusts:

  • are exempt from the additional policy guidance in Part 2 of PPN 09/21 which applies to other central government authorities, meaning they need only publish the minimum information required by the PCR 2015; and
  • have a 90 day timeframe in which to publish opportunity notices and contract award notices on Contracts Finder (as opposed to the 30 day timeframe applying to other central government authorities).

The remainder of the PPN, in relation to the requirements applying to central government authorities and sub-central contracting authorities, reiterates the position set out in PPN 07/21 (read our article on PPN 07/21 here). There is no change to the publication requirements for other contracting authorities that were set out in PPN 07/21.

Read PPN 09/21 in full here.

Read the Government guidance on transparency requirements here.

Hempsons’ specialist procurement team can advise you on the issues raised within PPN 09/21 or any other procurement issues.

Source: Hempsons

Posted in News on Dec 03, 2021

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