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HCSA was disappointed and saddened to hear that there will no longer be national support of the Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA) register from the end of March. The MIA register – which is currently updated and published monthly - holds the names of all suppliers, their MIA registration numbers and the expiry date of their insurance.

A well-used and valued instrument for more than 30 years, it provides Trusts with easy access to a database of suppliers who have signed up to NHS requirements for equipment loan and trial and for where insurance of this equipment is assured.  As a result it negated local Trust duplication and provides a ‘once only approach’ for procurement staff and Medical engineering colleagues.

From 31 March 2022, the DHSC will no longer support the MIA register, so Trusts must individually put in place adequate insurance cover

The HCSA view is that withdrawing support for the MIA on a national basis makes little economic or operational senses. Making individual organisations secure this insurance without the collective negotiating power of the NHS will inevitably result in higher insurance and staff costs for the NHS.

Additionally, it’s clear that NHS Wales continues to see the benefit of a national provisioned MIA, making it further disappointing that the NHS in England will not have one from March.

The timing of the decision is also regrettable, adding another task to an already stretched workforce, and one that does not represent value for money to the NHS and the public purse.

HCSA is currently speaking with NHSE/I, among others, to ensure a nationally delivered solution is found to serve the best interests of the NHS.

Posted in News on Jan 31, 2022

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