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HCSA has noted that the merging of NHS England, Health Education England and NHS Digital will regrettably lead to the loss of around 6,000 jobs or 30-40% of the combined workforce.

This news certainly brings mixed emotions across our members as while we clearly welcome the streamlining of processes around ICS and local systems we also hope the significant number of job losses will be through natural wastage where possible.

Nevertheless, HCSA will always be in support of the ‘Centre’ being appropriately resourced and focussed as it leads the system’s local and regional components.

We also trust that the previous positive work around PTOM and the more recent launch of the CCF will not be adversely affected by the news as it seeks to build the collaboration and value of NHS Procurement and Supply Chain.


Date: 12 July

Posted in News on Jul 12, 2022

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