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The Cabinet Office has sent an update about “Transforming Public Procurement”; the proposals to reform the public procurement regime in the UK and issue a new Procurement Bill to replace the Public Contracts Regulations. Here Capsticks summarises the update and shares the latest news around the Procurement Bill.

A new webpage on Transforming Public Procurement and training programme

The Cabinet Office has set up a new landing page where it will provide information about the new Procurement Bill, which has now been published.

Training programme

The Cabinet Office is proposing a learning and development programme to support those using the new procurement regime. This will include “knowledge drops”, e-learning modules, deep dive courses and communities of practice. Once launched, the training programme will be accessible from the Transforming Public Procurement page. Sign up here to get all the latest information on the programme.

Central Digital Platform

It has been confirmed that the new digital procurement platform will operate as part of the Find a Tender Service site.

What comes next?

On 11 May, the Government published the Procurement Bill. We will be setting out its practical implications in due course.

When to expect the new legislation

The new procurement legislation is due to come into effect in 2023 and the Cabinet Office advises that there will be at least six months to prepare before it goes live.

Legislation was expected in April 2022 in relation to the National Procurement Policy Statement, requiring publication of pipelines and benchmarks. It has now been confirmed that this will not come into force this year and will instead become part of the Procurement Bill.

The Cabinet Office strongly recommends that contracting authorities have regard to the National Procurement Policy Statement and consider publishing pipelines on the lead up to this.

Source: Capsticks

Date: 12 May

Posted in News on May 12, 2022

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